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About us


Techport45 is an informative site that provides content related to everyday use electronic gadgets to help you to learn more about setup, functions, features, and troubleshooting solutions of various gadgets. Also, we provide service upon request. We can assure you that the content presented on our site is accurate. We stand unique from others in terms of providing easy how-to-do steps. We monitor customer reviews and provide the content based on their needs and area of interest.

This Is Our Global Mission Statement

To deliver the best computer service experience to our customers, wherever they are. Whether you are an amateur or a professional computer user, we will help you get things done, period.


What We Believe In 

We believe in engaging directly with our customers and providing the best solution in the shortest possible time.


We Are ‘’Xyz’’

We have a resourceful pool of trained professionals who will assist you with your computer hardware and software needs.


Ideas Translated Into Actions

We help you figure out the underlying issue and help you resolve it with ease. Our technical support team is just a phone call away.

What makes our organization stand out?

We believe in providing permanent solutions over temporary fixes, and eliminating the chances for recurrence.

Most Popular Services

We cover a wide range of technical services for mobile devices, computers, networking devices, and home entertainment systems.

Mobile Device

We help you set up your Android/iOS/Windows devices and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Computer Repair

We will get your laptop/desktop PC up and running. Give us a call! Wi-Fi and Network Connectivity

TV & Home Theater

Have you got a high-fidelity home theater system that needs setting up? Call us.

Wi-Fi & Network Connectivity

Routers, modems, and Wi-Fi extenders. We will set them up for you.

User Testimonials

Here is what our invaluable customers have to say. Read on to find out.


I was facing a lot of difficulty with getting the annoying warning window to close on my desktop computer. I spoke to the technical support team, and they helped me resolve the issue quickly.

JDaniela, San Antonio,


I could not delete the ransomware from my Windows PC. The tech support agent walked me through the steps to use a USB rescue disk to regain access to my computer. Thank you, XYZ(Organization name).

Sheila, Salt Lake City,