Sustained performance of devices and peripherals are a major subject to take care of in order to expect optimal uptime. Techport45 takes responsibilities to keep your systems running and prevent unexpected crashes. Techport45 introduces you to tried and tested troubleshooting strategies and techniques which will cut down your efforts to minimum. All the root causes that may hinder the printer from connecting to the network will be solved right away. To resolve technical issues at your side call and get in touch with the team right now.

  1. Printer setup and installation: 
  • Step by step easy to follow instructions over chat.
  1. Prevent Computer crashes:

It’s necessary to weed out the root causes to prevent any sort of performance failures in the long run. Following are to make sure your system is secure from any sort of threat.

  • Updating operating system.
  • Update your device drivers.
  • Defragment and stabilise the hard drive.
  • Reduce memory usage.
  • Make sure no unwanted software running on the background.
  • Scan through malicious virus and cleaning the computer.
  1. Diagnosis and software installation:

Keep track of all the installed programs and uninstalling the ones that aren’t needed. Check for compatibility in order to make sure the printers can be connected. Step by step procedures into installation of various devices.

  1. PC optimization:
  • Maintain Computer’s performance.
  • Target high yielding.
  • Low budget. 
  1. Clean-up and Tune-up.
  • Remove unwanted software, files, documents, etc.
  • Keep the system clean and healthy round the clock. 
  1. System speed test.
  • Test the internet speed.
  • Make required changes in settings to enhance the speed.
  1. Troubleshooting services include:
  • Printer driver configuration issues and handling.
  • Printer setup-hardware and software.
  • Incompatibility of software, device, etc.
  • Unsupported drivers issues.
  • Memory full error.
  • Printer not recognized issues.
  • Printer not connected to the destined network issues.
  • Fix the malware infecting the printer driver files.
  • Printer shuts down unexpectedly.

Our trained technicians can assist with various OS, devices, peripherals, etc. Techport45 assists for various

  • Software conflict
  • Various Browser issues
  • Blue screen error messages
  • Various Printers
  •  Various Computer security setup.
  • Home networking.